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Donita Lockwood

Lockwood Vizslas is proud of these great photos of our Vizsla family!   Click on your choice for a larger photo!  (Then click on the 'Back' button to return to this page.)

Tanzy's new babies! October 2003

Waaayyy too Cute!

Happy Babies, Both!

Awww, Come on Tough Guy!

Hello, Honey!

Wow, What's this white stuff?!

Too Cool! This is Great Fun!!

Hey, that was some BIG DOG that left those skid marks!

Why's this stuff crunching under my feet?

Can I go out, Please! Please! Please!

Hitting on a wing.

Can you find the Vizslas?

Got it!

Fishing for puppies.

Three puppies playing with a wing.

Two little stalkers.

Fall in the Okanogan

Shhhh.........I almost have it!

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