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Lockwood Vizslas;

Mailing Address:

PO Box 445

Veradale, WA   99037

(509) 429-0698

Cathy Eylar

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Physical address of our facility:
91 Okanogan Cemetery Road
Okanogan, WA  98840

(509) 429-2218 

Donita Lockwood

We are getting our new website up and running... the new Website Address is:


There will be a lag between this site and our new one, but feel the inconvenience will be worth it!

Don't hesitate to call Cathy (509)429-0698, or Donita (509)429-2218 if you have any questions about or if you have trouble accessing the new website.

Thank you - Donita and Cathy



 ************OUR MAILING ADDRESS HAS CHANGED************

Lockwood-Eylar Vizslas; PO Box 445; Veradale, WA   99037

Physical address of our facility remains in Okanogan, WA


We invite you to "Like" our newly created FaceBook page,  Click here to go to our Lockwood-Eylar FaceBook page.  This page is created for all of our puppy parents.  Look here for more news related to our kennel, including upcoming litters, puppies and dogs we may have to re-home.


All of our Vizslas are working dogs; we have a Game Farm and Shooting Preserve and they are always ready to help hunt.  Click on 'Game Farm' for photos of our dogs doing what they enjoy most... hunting!!!


From our family to yours;  there are two generations of Lockwood's raising Vizslas and finding each a good home.


Our daughter, Cathy Lockwood Eylar, and her husband, Brad Eylar are primary contacts for Lockwood Vizslas.  I can't tell you how much fun it is to have our daughter and her husband take an active part in helping place our babies with wonderful families.  They have the knowledge and the information to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect new addition to your family.  

Day-to-day you’ll still find Donita in Okanogan, working closely with the dogs; socializing puppies is way more fun than paperwork. Every parent hopes their child will follow in their footsteps and share their interests. We enjoy working together to make your experience with Lockwood Vizslas a pleasant and happy time.     


                                     Brad, Cathy, Harper & Henry Eylar


When someone talks about their hunting dog they're usually referring to a Labrador or Pointer, but as KXLY4's Dan Barth shows us there's another lesser-known breed out there that loves the challenge.  

Welcome  to our Home Page

Located in the Sunny Okanogan Country in Eastern Washington, 90 miles north of Wenatchee on Highway 97, Lockwood Vizslas is family owned and operated with a great love of the wonderfully gentle, intelligent and beautiful Vizsla.

Donita Lockwood, the principle owner in Lockwood's Vizslas, grew up on a ranch where animals were a part of her life, and the dogs were more than just ranch hands who lived out by the barn.  They were a part of the family who worked and played together.   As a result she grew to love those family members and brings that love and care into raising her Vizslas.

Bill & Donita's Vizsla, Tanzy

What is a Vizsla?


a striking, medium sized, short-coat dog


a sensitive, loving, loyal, affectionate companion


a versatile hunting partner that both points and retrieves


a breed with a clean, relatively odorless, low maintenance coat.

A Vizsla is for you if...


you keep the dog primarily inside as a part of the family


you take time to train this high-energy dog or exercise it daily


you train with praise and rewards rather than negative or harsh reinforcement


you want a long lived healthy family friend

We do our utmost to breed exceptional examples of these wonderful dogs.  And we are selective about the homes we send them to as we raise our puppies like they were to remain with us in our home.

Our puppies are expected to be exceptional family companions.  We seek to raise them so that they will be ready to be your best buddy or your best hunting partner.  The puppies temperament becomes critical in accomplishing this goal so our breeding program strives to produce healthy, friendly, outgoing and happy puppies.

Our goal is that our web site will give you all of the information you need to make a decision on your new family member!  We will be pleased to answer any questions that you have, particularly if you are unable to find the answers on our pages or links!  Just click on the email link at the left, and Donita will answer your questions as soon as the puppies give her time to do so.

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"We are dedicated to breeding exceptional Vizslas."

Bill & Donita Lockwood, Owners

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Vizsla Facts


Vizslas are very bright, typically affectionate, outgoing and friendly,  but can become mischievous if left to their own devices.   Most well-socialized, well-exercised Vizslas are good with kids and the elderly.


Vizslas respond well to training as long as methods reflect their sensitive, eager-to-please nature.   The Vizsla is a great field dog, both as a pointer and retriever.  If introduced to water at a young age, most Vizslas enjoy water and are strong swimmers.

Energy Levels

Vizslas have seemingly boundless energy at times.  At the very least they need puppy and obedience training.

Physical Characteristics

Their coat is a smooth, short golden rust color, and eyes blend to the color of the coat.  Heights range from 21 to 24 inches, weights from 40 to 65 pounds, with females slightly smaller than males.  Their coat is smooth, short, solid golden rust color.  And their eyes generally match their coat.

Vizslas commonly live over 10 years.

More Facts and Information

Check out our links page where you will find a virtual encyclopedia of information about Vizslas.  Rather than compete or repeat, check out what you really need to know before you decide you want one of these beautiful gentle dogs for your family!


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