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Hi Cathy and Donita !

 Attached is a recent picture of Porter ! It's hard to believe he is 4.5 months already ! We picked him up from you when he was about 10/11 pounds ... Well he is a healthy and active 25 pounder now ! Porter has been such a joy and welcomed addition tour family ~ he is such a happy little guy, very sociable with dogs and people alike !

 We are so very happy with him ... Thank you :)           Melanie



Claus and I are sooo happy with our Sawyer who we obtained through your Clover and Kona;

                                                                                                                Kind regards;

                                                                                                                                    Brenda and Claus



Donita, Happy New Year!

I’m not sure what we did before Jax entered our lives.  Maybe we went out more, ate dinner sitting at the table, found reasons NOT to walk in the rain……….                  

He has turned our world upside down in the most positive way. Everyday is an adventure. He thinks he is still the size of our doxie, sleeping in her little cat bed. I could go on for hours, but you know the breed and YES you warned us J

Thanks again for breeding these beautiful dogs and allowing us to share one

 Tom and Carol




Hi Cathy and Donita --

I was just going thru some pictures and thought you'd like to see Peyton at 15 months.  He was born Valentine's day, 2010 from Gracie and Boyd.  This is one of the better pictures I have of him, and as you can see, he's a pretty boy.  A VERY active pretty boy, but then he's Peyton Manning, so what did I expect. 

Hope all is well with you both  - Nancy






Bella and her half sister Roz - Oh boy did they have fun!    Bella wasn't too keen on dealing

with the puppy but I gave her lots of loves so she was willing to deal with it ;-)   Rhonda






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