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Lockwood Vizslas
Puppy Purchase Application

To first time owners of Vizsla, we ask you to fill out a ‘puppy questionnaire’.  The questions will help you think about things to consider before bringing a Vizsla into your home.  Please answer them honestly.

We try to match our dogs with the buyer’s lifestyle in mind.  Vizslas are a high energy dog;  they need lots of exercise, and lots of quality time with their adoptive parents.  An inactive, bored puppy is no fun to be around.  A well-exercised, tired puppy, however, is a joy.   They are a fiercely loyal companion, and they will adapt to almost any situation.   Vizslas are natural hunters.  With training they can be excellent hunters.\

So, if you really are ready for one of our wonderful puppies, click a link below, fill out the information and email or fax it back to us!

Our preference is that the buyers come pick up their babies.  If that is not possible, we  will ship anywhere within the continental U.S. (certain restrictions apply during the heat of the summer and cold of winter).

Click here to open a Web page form that you can print and mail...

Click here to download a Word copy that you can email back


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